Fostering Kids for Life Corporate Sponsorship Program

Help Build A Brighter Future For The Youth of Colorado

Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to empower youth, nurture personal growth, and cultivate leadership through innovative animal-assisted education.

The Vision of Corporation Partnering With Us.

The Need:

There are over 7,300 children in Colorado who are in foster care (fc), kinship care (kc), or are facing adversity within their household or community.


of these youth have experienced trauma


Do Not Graduate Or Enter the workforce until the age of 24.


of girls in foster Care become Pregnant by age 17, with a second baby by 19

The Solution

• Youth education services to help adolescents prepare for the workforce, as well as mentoring programs to guide them toward academic success in high school.
• Animal therapeutic sessions help children and adolescents heal from pain from their past and move forward to reach their full potential.

The Results

• The youth obtaining workforce skills and entering the workforce before 18.
• Students attending college and pursuing their career dreams.
• The youth making positive choices that have a favorable impact on them and their relationships.

Student Receives

• Four months of weekly animal therapeutic sessions learning how to cultivate healthy relationships and move past their pain.
• Four months of weekly business and leadership training preparing the youth for the workforce.
• Internship opportunities to receive higher- level hands-on training in managing business responsibilities.

The cost per year to sponsor one child is $6,000.00

Partnership Benefits

A la carte Items

  • Archery at the ranch
  • Paint a live horse
  • Mini herd cuddle time
  • Petting zoo with animal feeding
  • S’mores

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“I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Nick Haley. I’m a first generation Horsemen that got his start in Firestone Colorado. In June 2019 my whole life changed. Poor choices led to a courtroom where I sat at only 14 years old questioning everything, my friends, my future, my path and God’s plan for me. I left that courtroom feeling beaten, with questions that couldn’t be answered and 24 hours of community service… I heard from members of the community that GOYR was looking for volunteers. Not knowing the major impact me saying yes to building a goat “shed” would have on my life I said yes. On this short 24 hour journey of community service, those questions I never asked out loud were answered, I found peace in the horses, pride in the work and people that supported me. As I continued to be a part of GOYR my passion for horses continued to snowball, taking lessons, attending the empowering youth leadership program, graduating from that in 2019. In 2020 started work for a breeder in Fort Lupton to learn more about the industry I was obsessed with. Later that year I got my first horse. Many of you know “Bear” who once was a lesson horse at GOYR. This is where things really took off for me. In 2021 I started competing in the versatility ranch horse events. In 2022 I moved to Cheyenne Wyoming to compete at the collegiate level. I have spent the last 6 months working for a reined cowhorse trainer in Perrin Texas chasing my dream. If I never stepped out of my comfort zone and went to GOYR I would’ve never found myself, my passion, or the dream I have the privilege to chase. If you’re going to take anything from this, take this. Have faith during your weak moments, spend more time outside your comfort zone, and never underestimate the power of the first step. My first step on this life changing journey was Graceful oaks youth ranch.”

We love our corporate sponsorship partners and we think you will too!

Thank you to our partners for helping us build a brighter future for the youth of Colorado.