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Ranching is thought of with a sense of romanticism and glorification about what it means to connect with nature. The experience of being outdoors and working with animals is exciting and filled with adventure.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, over 2 million ranches are operating around the country.

Successfully operating a ranch requires different skill sets to have the most fun and sense of fulfillment. We look at those skills that are necessary to get the best results from ranching.


When you raise animals, your attitude plays a critical part in deciding your success. Horses and cows will remember how you treat them and respond to you accordingly.

A study by Florida State University found that horses and cows are emotional animals with long memories. The attitude you show towards them is something they will not forget easily and use in future interactions.

Anyone operating a ranch wants to have a sense of calmness, sympathy, and love for the animals. Otherwise, you will find these animals becoming defensive and aggressive when you are around them.

For example, nothing will happen after the first few encounters if you show anger towards the horse. However, over time these animals will seek to protect themselves against you as a threat.

Successful ranchers know this and have lots of love for the animals they are raising. Always have positive and genuine feelings towards the animals and what you are doing to get the best results.

The Graceful Oaks Ranch is about teaching compassion, understanding, and caring in everything. Animals are a natural extension of God’s love towards creation, and you want to appreciate these views. Our founders started the ranch in 1999 to embrace these attitudes and create a sense of understanding between us and nature.


Ranching can be hard work and requires putting in long hours and days to get the best results. As a rancher, you want to have a sense of passion and excitement about what the new day brings. Sometimes, you are doing repetitive tasks that can become boring, mundane, and difficult with no benefits.

However, the true joy of ranching comes from the experiences you have with the people and livestock.  Just imagine how you feel after you raise a healthy prize horse that everyone enjoys. The excitement comes in knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of the animals and people.

Your excitement goes with your attitude to decide if you will be a successful rancher and how well you interact with others.

Graceful Oaks is a youth-focused Christian ranch that is not affiliated with a particular faith. Our goal is to teach young people the values of Christianity and how this connects with our natural world. You will learn how both are connected to make you more compassionate, caring, and moral.


Running a ranch requires having different skill sets to ensure you are successful at your craft. The most obvious is riding, roping, and caring for the horses to get the most out of the animals. Horses are emotional creatures and will go where you lead them when the animal trusts and believes in you.

An excellent rancher has these skills that help them to take care of the horse and other animals. They use the ability to ride, rope, and support the animals to get the best result out of them.

Graceful Oaks teaches you the skills to know how to care, ride, and use the horses to help you in achieving your goals. Horses are God’s creatures and require guidance by you showing them the way to safety and support. We have a certified equine program that teaches you personal power, trust, hope, and knowledge. These are a part of the practical skills you learn when interacting with horses and other animals.


Caring for animals by feeding, cleaning, and watering gives you a sense of understanding and appreciation of our world. All life forms depend on one another for success, and we play a critical part in these goals. The more time you spend interacting with the horses and other animals, the greater the sense of humility.

Graceful Oaks is the one place where you will gain humility and an appreciation for all life forms.


These are some of the skills that we teach here at Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch. Call Graceful Oaks today at 303-588-7780 and see how we can change your attitude on life for the better. Observe these differences by visiting County Road 14, near the Stanley Lateral Ditch in Fort Lupton.

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