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As a parent, it is important to instill traits such as self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and discipline, so your children can grow up to be independent adults. Giving your children responsibilities at an early age can help them foster these traits. In our leadership programs, we understand the importance of responsibilities which is why we focus on teaching business skills to children and other valuable traits. In addition to enrolling your child in our Empowering Youth Leadership Program, you can task them with small responsibilities around the house. This will help them better succeed in school, internships, and then their jobs later in life. It can also improve their personal relationships.

Even if you think your child may be too young, there are many benefits to tasking your children with chores. The following are a few of the most important benefits they receive.


You should teach children responsibility as early as 3 years old by giving them small tasks around the home. Make sure to task them with chores they can do depending on their age. For example, have your 3-year-old be responsible for picking up his toys around the house. As they get older, chores can become more challenging. They can help with cooking, then taking out the garbage and washing dishes. Being responsible at a young age helps children succeed in life because responsibility is a trait that is required at every stage throughout life.

Just make sure that you do not use chores as a form of punishing your children. Let them see chores as a way of contributing to the household. At the same time, you should not give them a reward after completing a chore, like an allowance. Eventually, they may always expect an allowance because they did their chores. If they do not receive one, this can decrease their motivation to do their work and become a contributing member of the family.


Small chores around the house can show them how to prioritize their time. Parents should never give their children more than they can handle, but if they have homework as well as chores, they must learn to manage one task in a timely manner, knowing that another task needs to be completed. If they do not manage their time correctly and one task slips through the cracks, they are responsible for the consequences.

If the workload becomes too overwhelming, it is okay to help your child, but it is important that you do not do the work chores for them.

One of the benefits of enrolling your child in our empowering youth program is to teach them the importance of responsibility early. Our program focuses on developing practical skills, such as ranch management, operating a ranch, animal care, project management, and event planning, which are tasks that can instill responsibility in your son or daughter.


No matter what the task, children enjoy doing things on their own. Why? It increases their feelings of accomplishment, which can instill in them pride that they will most likely adopt in their future work. This sense of accomplishment is a greater motivator to complete household chores than rewards. It is more enduring and it builds character. So, instead of giving them an allowance for completing a chore, praise their work, as this can boost their feelings of pride and satisfaction in what they have just accomplished.

This is one of the skills that children must learn on their way into adulthood. Always consider childhood a way for children to practice becoming responsible, independent adults. This is why chores are so important. Not only do children learn lifelong skills, but they can make small mistakes and learn from them to hopefully make fewer big mistakes in the future. As they get older, they will be able to overcome many of life’s challenges, having learned and experienced them as a child.


You can see why giving your children chores will help them become responsible adults. You can even start as early as three years old. Just make sure you task your children with the chores appropriate to their age. Another way to help your child is by enrolling them in our program. We spend time teaching business skills to children, as well as other valuable traits in a fun environment in Fort Lupton, CO. To learn more, call 303-588-7780.

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