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The Mighty Wrangler Event (MWE) has been an interesting journey for me in this season of my life. When I was originally asked to coordinate this program, I was very surprised! At first I wrestled with God on my idea that there had to be someone else who is much more qualified than me. One morning I was woken up very early by God. He said “you are my tool Melissa.” That’s when it hit me. Oh yeah, I didn’t need to figure it out, I didn’t have to have the credentials to prove I was worthy. I just needed to show up and do the work God wanted me to do. I accepted Chalae’s invitation to join this vision and listen to what God wanted for this program. At times, I fell off track with God and tried to get ahead of His plan. Other times I felt very unworthy to be trusted with this position. And every month God challenged me in different areas of this journey. He stretched my faithfulness, my trust, and my love for Him. Every time he stretched me I tried to control, perform, fix, and prove to myself I could always do better. But I didn’t need to perform to earn God’s love. I didn’t need to control so I could feel more comfortable. God’s plans never needed fixing. So, it took me until the last MWE to surrender to what He was graciously asking me to do these last four months. That day I came prepared to trust in God’s plan no matter what last detail went awry. I was going to trust His process and roll with what I heard He had planned for that day. Although it took me four months to align myself with God, I thought, what took me so long?! My vision is only a sliver of what God’s vision or plans could ever be. On that beautiful crisp fall day, families came to listen about Jesus, they sang and cheered for Him, and we all celebrated Jesus’s four beautiful children that said yes to Jesus and were baptized. The volunteers!! They took their love of God, opened their hearts and shared it with the community. GOD IS GOOD!!! My journey this season has been a blessed one and one I will never forget! It has been an opportunity to be part of God’s plan and there is no other place I’d rather be than with Him.

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