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Your heart to serve children and families in our community. Your heart to donate financially to help us reach children who need hope and healing. Your heart to volunteer and help care for GOYR’S Ranch. The fruit of your generosity and support during our first season of operation, has enabled us to come alongside 32 students in our Youth Leadership Program empowering them to learn how to manage a business and care for the Ranch while encouraging and strengthening their walk with Christ. GOYR also provided one-on-one mentoring opportunities to eight children in our community who were experiencing emotional pain and searching for hope and healing. Our community outreach programs focus on sharing God’s love and redemption through His son, Jesus Christ. During our first season, 5 Children received Christ as their Lord and Savior and 7 Children were Baptized at the Ranch in a water horse trough.

As we reflect on our first season, we have seen God’s abundant provisions unifying the hearts of all ages for His purposes at GOYR. A young boy named Bryce, came to the Ranch last Spring dealing with a broken-heart from the death of his Father. During his time at the Ranch, he learned different ways to work through fear and anger and how to express his emotions in a healthy way. Bryce found acceptance, and love next to a horse named Dusty. God used Dusty to help him see that he could trust others and that Bryce could be trusted. He felt empowered to make decisions and to believe in himself once again. Bryce made two important decisions at the Ranch this summer: He committed his life to follow Jesus and publically announced his commitment when he got baptized in a water trough. Bryce is now experiencing God’s promise to him that he is not alone and God will be with him wherever he goes. (Joshua 1:9)

Another example of God unifying hearts of all ages to accomplish His purpose at GOYR is an 86 year old woman who lives in Idaho named Cleo. We received a letter from Cleo last spring filled with encouragement, prayer and her commitment to financially support us monthly. Our hearts were filled with thanksgiving. Knowing that God was speaking to the hearts of others to partner and support GOYR encouraged us beyond words! Cleo birthed a partnership for others to be a part of what God is doing at GOYR. Since receiving Cleo’s letter and check, we have started a donation campaign asking for 100 people to join with us by donating $25.00 a month. We have already had a couple more people follow Cleo’s example! Thank you Donors! Please join us in praying about being a monthly donor and helping families and children work through difficult times in their lives at Graceful Oaks. For more information go to

As we prepare for winter, the horses have grown their coats to stay warm and the barns are full of hay to keep their stomachs content. The Ranch will grow quiet for a few months and then tulips will appear to let us know Spring is here. We’re excited for our 2017 season! Our Youth Leadership Program will kick off in the Spring and our Session Program will soon follow. Thank you for continuing to pray for us as God leads us into 2017- it’s going to be an amazing year!

Sincerely, Chalae Cartledge

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