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What used to be a united effort to raise our children and preserve the health of our families has now become a blame game, with schools and families alike pointing at one another and crying “foul” in the wake of events that no one could have predicted. Nearly every individual has experienced challenges in recent years; how do we prioritize our family relationships once more as we seek health and healing? Fortunately for residents in the Fort Lupton area, there are family-friendly outlets that offer activities to bring the whole family unit together once more as they engage in family fun.

Quality time instills family and social values
Simply put, families that play together stay together, and we can use these recreational opportunities to teach children social and family values that will improve not only the quality of their lives but the influence that they have as they grow and find their own unique place in the world. As you spend time on our ranch, consider these strategies for incorporating family fun into character education for your children:

1. Practice what you preach
Children learn best through our modeling and influence. Character qualities that you want your children to embody must first be emulated by you, so practice what you preach. If you’ve had an aversion or fear of getting on a horse, set a good example of overcoming your own fears to teach them the importance of blasting through their own fears and self-imposed limitations.

2. Demonstrate adjusting and compromising
The foundation of any good relationship is learning to compromise and adjust to situations that may not be ideal. Even recreational situations bring with them the need to compromise and adjust in order for all to take the most from an experience. The more you are able to instill the importance of this skill in your children, the better they will be prepared to handle any circumstance that life throws their way.

3. Teach the value of helping others
New activities and experiences bring with them the need to help others. Whether you’re on a nature walk with the family, a leisurely ride down the trail, or embarking on a cross country skiing adventure for the first time, there will likely be a need to help others in your group in order for all to be successful. Helping others should be an expected part of life; children need to be able to see the need to advance the good of all, rather than only looking out for themselves.

4. Teach the value of best effort
Children who are encouraged to demonstrate their best efforts at work and at play will lead happier, more fulfilled lives than those without the desire to excel. Their self-esteem will be higher, and in general, they will maintain better relationships throughout life. You’ll watch with joy as your children grow to become happy, healthy, well-adjusted individuals who contribute positively to society.

Incorporate fun and character-building: Visit us today!
Graceful Oaks Ranch in Brighton Colorado started with a vision and a dream that strong families could be created and maintained, one outing at a time. Incorporating social and family values with the best that nature has to provide, we will enrich your recreational experience and help you to build stronger relationships with your family. Check out our family-friendly options in Brighton Colorado and start new traditions that will make lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Contact Graceful Oaks today!

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