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Graceful Oaks is introducing a new program in early 2019 that will help women rebuild their lives after surviving sexual abuse, domestic violence, and other trauma. This program is anchored by 4 tenants:

Be Heard

Oftentimes, when survivors share their story of abuse or trauma, their support group changes, leaving the survivor feeling isolated and ashamed. Our heart at Graceful Oaks is to provide survivors of abuse and trauma a safe place to share their story without judgement and connect with other women who are on the same journey of finding hope and healing.

Be Informed

Provides empowerment and education for women to care for themselves and their families.  Hear from other women who have been on this journey of healing and restoration, be connected to resources available within the community, learn and recognize the warning signs of abuse, and be equipped to experience healthy relationships.

Be Known

As survivors navigate through abuse and trauma, they need to feel safe and protected. Some women face losing their homes or not having enough money to buy food for their family.  Feeling alone and afraid can lead to depression and hopelessness. Our focus is to help survivors identify life strategies and personal development by creating short and long-term goals to help rebuild and strengthen their life.

Be Loved

In our brokenness of abuse and trauma, there is a loving God who desires for us to know Him and His love for us. His truth, the Bible, is crucial in helping us know Him and understand unconditional love; this is key to rebuilding our life after abuse and trauma. Participants will have the opportunity to experience His love and presence through Bible studies, guest speakers, connecting with other women, experiencing the Ranch, and participating in Certified Equine Sessions that are designed to help find hope and healing.

The need for this program is crucial in helping women rebuild their lives after abuse and trauma. Our donation campaign goal for Colorado Gives Day is $10,000.00. This will enable us to provide support programs for women who are currently being oppressed to finding freedom, healing and knowing they are loved.  1 in 3 women are sexually abused, 1 in 10 high-schoolers in Colorado have experienced relationship violence, 1 in 7 people in Colorado have experienced relationship violence, and 71% of Coloradans say they do not know how to prevent relationship violence. Will you help us make this program happen with your financial support, prayer, or time?

To partner with us by making a financial donation, click on

We hope you can join us at our 2019 Programs Open House to learn more about our programs, like Empowering Youth Leadership Program, Certified Equine Sessions, Equine Mentoring Program, Family Fun Nights, and Basic Horsemanship Lessons. To find out more information about this event, go to

Do you know of someone who can benefit from this program or someone who would like to volunteer? Please help us get the word out to our community!


Chalae Cartledge, Founder of Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch

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