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Kimmarie will be sharing her story of surviving domestic violence and how God continues to restore her life.

From Kimmarie: “Writing this message to invite others to the You Matter Gathering is so important. If only one person learns one thing from sharing my story, it is worth it. I pray that sharing will help stop the cycle of violence, to never go through that living horror, again, wishing you were dead, and believing you may die. I feel a connection with others when I share my story, and can see in their faces the pain they endure. To want to believe there is hope sounds like an easy task for those of us who have or are still living in domestic violence, but only for someone else’s life. Victims feel desperate, lonely, lost, afraid, embarrassed, ashamed, invisible, with a deep desire to stay safe! Quickly bruises break to the surface and visible signs of our battering begin to show. The difficulty is moving forward, taking those first steps for ourselves, so the true healing can start. It can be very scary, yet very liberating, finding ourselves and erasing the scars you can’t see, learning how and who to trust, and above all, who you are. Everyone’s journey is special, unique, a badge of courage, and a life lesson. We are by definition victims of domestic violence, but we are by choice survivors! Getting your life back for yourself is such a blessing that God wants for us. God loves us and with faith, He will provide strength, courage, and healing.”

For more information about our program, please contact Valerie Renville at 303-549-1441.

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