GOYR 2023 Internship Program

Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch offers a variety of internship opportunities to middle school, high school, and college students who have completed either the summer EYLP program or the Fall EYLP Intensive Workshop Program. An internship at Graceful Oaks allows students to build an array of business knowledge, including financial management, customer service, and project planning. In addition, interns will work with a team of fellow students and leaders to develop skills in delegation, time management, and problem solving. An internship opportunity at Graceful Oaks opens many doors for students such as a personalized letter of recommendation, unique business connections with community leaders, personalized mentorship, and more! Applicants can explore the wide array of internships offered below to learn more. Internship applications are open from January 1st to March 1st every year.

Equine Internship:

Equine Internships at GOYR offer students the opportunity to develop competent horsemanship skills. Interns will receive riding mentorship on a regular basis and will assist horse lesson instructors. Interns may be offered the opportunity to lead their own horse lessons and assist in leading equine activities during GOYR events and programming. Interns will also receive training on equine upkeep and medical care, while having the opportunity to shadow veterinarians and other equine care specialists at the ranch.

Business Management:

Business Management Internships at GOYR offers two different internship types: Program Administration and Property and Facilities Management. Interns focusing on Program Administration will receive training in youth program development, archery, and event management. Interns will learn how to build and lead lesson plans, assist in event planning, and develop soft skills such as conflict resolution and public speaking.

Interns focusing on Property and Facilities Management will receive training in large machinery usage, maintenance skills such as fence repair and basic tool usage and mentoring from facilities leaders of various skill sets. Interns will also receive training on animal upkeep and medical care, while having the opportunity to shadow veterinarians and other animal care specialists at the ranch.

Internship Time Commitment:

All interns will be required to commit to assisting in leading at least two out of the three Family Fun Night events and one week of the Hangin’ at the Ranch Summer Camp. Program Administration interns will be required to assist in leading 12 weeks of GOYR programming during the summer. Interns will be required to assist with ranch rentals, like birthday parties, and other events throughout the year. All internships require year-round commitment, and typically require a greater time commitment during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Applicant Qualifications:

  • Eagerness to work with youth and families

  • Strong work ethic

  • Willingness to learn and practice new skills

  • Attentiveness to safety and details

  • Communication skills

  • Collaboration skills

  • Able to pass a background check if 18 years of age or older