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Weight and stress filled my heart from a project that I felt needed to get done quickly and slowly thoughts of unworthiness and discouragement crept into my heart that verbalized “Chalae you’re not keeping up.” Have you ever been there?

The rainy weather along with all the projects I was trying to manage at the Ranch kept me from accomplishing my “to do list” of getting the tractor out to spread the manure in the big pasture. Every day I would look over and see piles of poop building up and every day the weight became heavier. Then, the day came when I had the time to get the tractor out and learn how to put diesel in the tractor for the first time by myself. (Usually my husband takes on that project.)

I can do this! It should be very simple. So I thought. Frustration and disappointment starred me in the eye as I was unable to install the scepter spout kit to ensure the gasoline would not pour out onto the tractor. How could this be so hard? Why am I struggling with this project so much? And then the next thing I heard in my heart made perfect sense…. God gently spoke to my heart and said I don’t want you to do this today. He filled my heart with contentment, peace and calmness. Within a few seconds, diesel was going into the tractor tank and I surrendered my “to do list” to Him and thought….

Ok, I’m going to trust your plan and timing.

That evening, I was preparing my schedule for the next day and saw that I had an appointment with a mom and her daughter to come out to the Ranch and talk about details for a community event at the Ranch that weekend and gently heard in my heart “offer them a chance to ride the tractor and spread the manure in the big pasture.”

The next morning came and we talked about event details and then I asked them if they would be interested in riding the tractor and helping me with the big pasture. A big smile covered their face as they shouted YES!

After going through training and some safety drills, both daughter and mother jumped up on the tractor seat filled with joy and being a part of a mission that was so much bigger than any of us. As they drove the tractor around the big pasture, we watched the harrower demolish those big piles of poop, tears of gratitude started to fill my eyes and I thanked God for allowing me to be a part of his plan of blessing of a mom and daughter to bond over an experience they will never forget. One that brought so much joy, laughter and a sense of belonging.

This picture shows it all….

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