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All kids seem to love painting from the time they are very little even to when they are grown up. It is a way to express your feelings and ideas through a piece of paper and a paintbrush. But a way to mix things up is to replace paper with a horse. Painting on paper may be relaxing and fun, but on a horse you feel like you have a living connection with your piece of art. Watching little and big kids painting on Gigi really touched my heart. It inspired me and showed me that horses can really do amazing things through God. It seemed as if the kids could let their imagination flow with no worries of what people thought of their art or the way it looked. It was just about how it mattered to them in their own eyes. Doing it myself seemed to create a stronger bond with Gigi. I felt a sense of peace between equine and human. Everything around you doesn’t matter, just the steady flow of your brush against the horse’s soft fur. Painting on a horse is truly an amazing experience as shown through the kids who came back and did it a second time!

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